Mavericks of the Veil

Session 0.5

The Stampede

Session 0 and Session 0.5 happened all in the same night.

Here we all were, enjoying the last leg of a rather uneventful train ride, and the oogling of a large breasted, redheaded Irish woman [is that right, Cat?], From St. Louis to Our Destination, Fort [Something with an "R"?], way out in the Wyoming Territories, when, during the completely normal buffalo shoot [slaughter], the Buffa-taurs intermixed with the other aurochs decide to lead a charge at our train.

Murdock McBadass [real name plz!], not to be confused with Maverick MacBadguy[I hope this is the name of one of the big baddies in the future], in an attempt to save his money and some of the more important supplies, disconnects the Passenger cars from the Steam engine, and attempts to leave dozens to die, only to be shot and potentially crippled by a sweet old lady.

Damien "Definitely-Not-a-Vampire" Gray, in a similar fashion, disconnected the final 4 train cars, and the 2 cars containing the animals, and his wagon from the back end of the passenger cars, all while Chinky The Slant-eyed Chinaman lobbed firebombs, and Chief White-guy Shoots-His-Guns mounted a charging buffalo like the stud he is.

Did I mention that before all this happened, the amazing Foxy Superfluous, A.K.A. Granny Gank-ya, stole a safe full of gold? Did I also mention that it was Melvin McBadass's super special safe? It was filled with all his favorite plushy toys.

Now, having dealt with the advancing herd of Buffalo Soldiers, The group [and the rest of the npcs] gathered their belongings, just before Grumpy the Greenskinned Greesemonkey showed up and grabbed enough gear to generate his Gypsy-wagon… that no one else is allowed to ride in.

Onward we all go! Over the rail trail to our destination… you know, because the train left without the train cars. Probably have a few days ride ahead of us, because instead of moving at 60mph, we're stuck at a horse's average walk speed.

Don't worry though, there is no way that those pissed off and swole AF Buffa-taur are still pissed off at all the murder-happy pasty-whites that are on that relatively flimsy covered wagon!



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